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This template was originally made as an entry in the OWD Autumn design contest, where it was awarded 1st prize.


This is the original XHTML/CSS template which the Andreas04 theme, formerly used on 100.000+ blogs on, was based on. A different and unique visual approach with animated .gif images and flashing link effects – but still a nice layout with a pleasant color scheme. The updated v2.0 includes several bugfixes as well as additional…


A high-quality XHTML/CSS template that was built with two things in mind: speed and accessibility. WCAG AA-rating, accesskey navigation and expanded functionality in no-CSS mode. Can be used without the images if maximum speed is wanted. Two alternate versions with different colorschemes are also available: the orange/brown-colored andreas03-rust and the green-colored andreas03-noimg (where “noimg” means…

Variant Winter

Variant Winter is a 2-column template with two different navigation menu options, a right sidebar and a visual appearance inspired by the andreas02 and Variant Portal templates. Unlike the two mentioned templates, Variant Winter offers the possibility to add a header image to give the design a touch of color. All design elements (including the…

Variant Portal

A visually clean 3-column template, with a tab menu and a dual-column feature area. Minimal use of images and a simple code structure makes this a quick-loading template that is easy to customize and work with. No visual effects, no distractions. Variant Portal puts your texts (and/or images) first.