Basic Modular

Thousands of layouts in one template, perhaps?

Single column content block

This is a very different template compared to the other templates on Parts of this template was created years ago with the idea of building a modular XHTML/CSS templateby using independent code blocks that could be moved to any position inside the layout and still work without breaking anything. The original plan was to have a number of different options that were independently selectable. Multiple layout options, multiple colorschemes, lots of code blocks that could be placed in any order and several different typography options would allow millions of different layouts and design combinations from one single CSS file.

Sub-header example

However, after playing around with the concept for a while, I realized that it would be a massive project to do - and probably more advanced than I could do at the time. Soon enough, I had lost my interest for it. But some of the code I created for the modular framework back then is still around, and I use it every now and then. This template includes the most basic HTML blocks together with a single layout example. Try moving the different parts of the HTML around, or edit the layout width (#container) into something else - you can get thousands of layouts out of this template even without any dramatic changes to the code...

This is a simple headline block!

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So, what purpose does this template fill? I honestly don't know. It may not be very useful, and not any good example to learn from. But I have been amazed by the creativity of template users many times in the past, so I wouldn't be surprised if someone out there would do something really good from this template.

After all, it can be used to create a simple website as it is. And it can be built upon to create something more advanced. And something that is visually more exciting.

Another sub-header

To sum it all up, it is a basic modular template concept. An idea, a way of doing things in another way than I normally do. Use it if you want to, and if you build something in sharp mode from it, please let me know through