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Freestyle is a truly flexible grid-based HTML/CSS template, created to make it possible to use many different kinds of layouts, in a number of different styles. Two separate 12-column grids are included: one for 960px width and a wider for 1200px width. Two basic color schemes can be used: light text on dark background, or dark text on light background. And on top of that, four accent colors (for links and headers) are included: red, blue, pink and orange. The grid and the colors are selected by applying classes to the body element in the HTML. Any combination can be used, for example a wide grid with light background and pink as accent color, which is used by applying class=”wider light pink” to the body element. The grid can be arranged into any layout, and colors and grid width can be changed without affecting the layout. Navigation menu styles that fit into the grid are included, allowing both horizontal and vertical menus – or both at the same time. Six example layouts are included, to show some examples of what the Freestyle template can do. See the screenshots below, or the live demo, for a preview.