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Welcome! My name is Andreas Viklund and I am a web designer from Jokkmokk, northern Sweden. This site was launched in 2005 as a place where I could present myself and my work. The primary topic of the site is website design (mainly using XHTML, CSS and the blog platform WordPress) and the free website templates that I have created and that can be used to build websites or CMS themes. Beside the XHTML/CSS templates, there is a blog, a number of themes for WordPress and useful tutorials.

When I started to experiment with XHTML and CSS back in 2005, I decided to follow a few core principles to make sure that I learned to do things in a good way. Those principles proved to be very useful, and they can be summarized into one sentence: “All code should follow the W3 standards, and it should be as simple and accessible as possible to make sure that it works everywhere and for everyone at all times”. I use five words to describe my design philosophy: Independent, Lightweight, Elementary, Valid and Accessible – or simply “ILEVA”.

Since February 1st, 2014, I am no longer involved involved in running, maintaining or creating content for this website in any form. The site will continue to live on with contributions and updates from a team of other talented designers, and it will continue to be a useful resource for web designers and site builders all over the world, while I move on to new projects and new adventures. For now, I’m leaving the presentation below to provide a background story for the site.

So, who is Andreas?

Photo: Andreas Viklund ( my private life, I am an average guy who lives a calm and peaceful life together with my girlfriend Johanna and our dogs. I enjoy the small and beautiful things in life, and I am not really a big fan of noise, action and stress.

But beside my peaceful private life I also have another life, which has been far from calm. The other life, which I refer to as my public life, is very much based on the unexpected success of the music I have published on the web since 1997 – mostly through the band Lagoona. The music reached millions of listeners and got a lot of attention both online and offline for several years during which I worked as a professional music producer and artist. It resulted in many adventures and exciting experiences, but sometimes it was too much action which took a part of the fun away…

A few years later, things had calmed down, and today I can look back at the memories with happiness. I still write, record and perform music, although nowadays just on a hobby level. My main interest (and my profession) is web design, website development, writing and creative marketing. While I am no longer working with this website or with website template design, all of my previous releases will remain here. The templates have also reached out to a lot of people, and they have been used on millions of websites all over the world which has been a great source of inspiration.

To follow my life outside of the world of web design today, you can check out my new homes on the web: Asokay for an upcoming photo project, for a personal blog, Minus 41 for my latest music project and Laponia Service AB for the media production company I work for today. Since I have no connection to since many years, I will keep as a way to find me and my various projects. If you have any questions about me or my work, you are very welcome to get in touch.

Thank you for visiting, and best wishes from Jokkmokk, northern Sweden!