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Variant Multi has got its name for a good reason. It is a single template with a whole lot of layout options. Four widths are pre-defined: 980px, 760px, 600px and 100%. Each of the content areas have several options for number of columns. The feature area can have one or two columns, the main content area can have 1-3 columns (with or without a sidebar) and the footer area can have 1-4 columns. Both the feature area and the footer area can be removed if not needed or wanted. You can use a horizontal or a vertical navigation menu, or both at the same time. Four different layout examples are included, one for each pre-defined width. No images have been used in the original version of the template, so it loads fast and leaves plenty of room for customization. An alternate version with background images, red colors, text shadows and a different header style is available as a separate download. A version customized for iOS devices is also available.