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andreas06: falling leaves

It is all about colors...

Use the navigation tabs to read more about the template and to see alternative layouts and features.

Example menu:

Two columns only...

Gravatar example

In some cases, the rightside column may not be needed. For example, if you want to publish long texts you may want to have longer text lines to enhance readability. This theme gives you the option to remove the right sidebar and resize the content column automatically!

Since this can be changed for each page on your website, you can also mix the two layouts on your site and let some pages have two columns while others have three columns.

The markup has a number of additional accessibility and navigation features that are only visible in no-CSS mode. Internal document navigation is supported, with skip-links at the top of the document and "Return to top" links in each menu and after each content section. The no-CSS mode also make the design work well even on text-based browsers (like Lynx) and on small screens like mobile phones or PDAs that doesn't support CSS very good. The design also works well even when images are disabled or removed! The layout will be the same and background colors will replace the images. No example is included, but if you download the zip, unpack it and rename the image folder, you will be able to see what it looks like.

Credit link?

If you decide to use this design, I kindly ask that you leave the "Design by Andreas Viklund" link in the footer. Good luck with your new website!

Included styles

I have included a number of formatting styles to give you a flying start with your new design. Here are a few examples of included styles and how they can be used.

List styles (unsorted, ordered, definition):

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3
  1. First
  2. Second
  3. Third
FAQ question #1
Answer to question #1.
FAQ question #2
Answer to question #2.

Regular text paragraphs can have strong words and emphasised words if wanted. Words can also be small caps, soft, sharp, small or large - or a combination of the values.

To add a visual content separator on your page, you can use a horizontal ruler (hr) like this:

h1 header

h2 header

h3 header

Regular text link

This text is placed in a box!

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