Full-width layout with style examples

This page was created to show some of the styles built into this template. It also shows the alternative content page layout, where the left sidebar has been removed to let the content fill the entire width of the layout.

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Some of the styles: (this is a sub-header)

"This is a blockquote. Use this for quotes and references to texts from other places. You can also use the class .box to create a similar boxed effect..."

  1. Ordered list, option 1
  2. Ordered list, option 2
  3. Ordered list, option 3
    1. Sub-option 3:1
    2. Sub-option 3:2
    3. Sub-option 3:3
  4. Unordered list, option 4

This is a regular link.

This is strong text, left-aligned.

This is text with the class .important, centered.

This is emphasized text, right-aligned.

This is text styled with the class .big.

This is small text, using the class .small. Also available is the class .yellow.