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Photo collage showing the village of Nautijaur, northern Sweden, in the summer and in the winter.

Links worth visiting

This is the links.html page. It uses the single-column and full-width layout as described in the part 5 of the template-to-website tutorial. Here are some links to various websites:

Web design and web hosting - My real website, where you can find free website templates and articles and tutorials about building websites.
Svenska Domäner - The web host for, a good place for finding a domain name and getting reliable hosting for your website.
HTMLdog - Great HTML and CSS tutorials for beginners as well as experienced web designers.

Software / HTML and CSS editors

Notepad++ - The freeware code editor that I use to build my templates.
KompoZer - A free visual HTML editor for multiple operating systems.

This example website was built for the Building your first website using a free website template tutorial from