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WordPress 3.3.1 released

Just a short note: A new version of WordPress has been released. WordPress 3.3.1 is called a “security and maintenance release”, and it fixes a number of issues found in the recent v3.3 release. As always, updating to the latest release is highly recommended.

WordPress theme and plugin vulnerability: timthumb.php

Have you noticed strange things happening with your WordPress websites lately? Are spam links appearing in the theme HTML output without being visible when you view the page? Or are you using plugins or themes that have not been updated lately? Then there are a few articles you need to read.

How to create an easy-to-remember and strong password

As the web looks today, most people have a number of user accounts on various services. With that comes the need to use passwords, which should be as secure as possible. Preferably by being long, containing letters in mixed cases as well as numbers and special symbols. Passwords should also never be re-used, but unique…

Security alert: WP-DBManager plugin for WordPress

(Updated!) A WordPress plugin which I have used in the past (and liked a lot) is WP-DBManager by Lester “GamerZ” Chan. WP-DBManager is a tool that makes it possible to create and manage backups of WordPress MySQL databases automatically. Today I learned from a tweet by Joakim Jardenberg that WP-DBmanager has a confirmed, serious security…