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The Grid v2.1 released

The second version of The Grid template has been updated to version 2.1, fixing a minor error in the sample content. A package of sample layouts built from the template will be released separately at the end of this week, showing the flexibility that the grid system provides for creating both simple and complex layouts….

How to select the grid width in The Grid v2 template

The new version 2.0 of The Grid template includes two separate grid layouts, one that is 960 pixels wide and another that is 1200 pixels wide. Both grids use 12 columns with 20 pixels of spacing, but the column widths are diferent. The 960 pixels grid use a column width of 60 pixels while the…

The Grid version 2.0 released

The Grid template has got a lot of positive feedback since its release in the beginning of September. It was the most downloaded template on this site during last month, and since I learned a lot from creating it I wanted to continue working with it to learn even more. Today I am releasing a…

New template: The Grid

A new template has been added to the website template page: The Grid. It is the first template I release which is using a grid layout system, and it provides a lot of freedom for template users to create advanced multi-column layouts. As always, I have kept the code as short and simple as possible…