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Design contest: Win a Chromebook!

It is time to launch the first contest on andreasviklund.com, and it is of course a web design contest. The challenge is to design either a HTML/CSS template or a WordPress theme for the andreasviklund.com CSS template gallery or WordPress themes archive. The contest runs until October 30th, after which I will review the entries…

Web accessibility for designers [useful infographic]

WebAIM is a site that I have recommended to many designers, template users and site builders. But I don’t think that I have written about it on andreasviklund.com before. What caught my attention today was a simple but very useful infographic on points worth keeping in mind to improve the accessibility of the site you…

From the archives: What my web design looked like 12 years ago

While sorting among old files in my web design folder, I found a .zip archive which contained a number of copies of static HTML websites that I have built throughout the years. Most versions of the different sites that my band Lagoona had were archived, and so were copies of my own and pesonal websites….

Validating your code using Unicorn

I am a big fan of the W3C web standards, for several reasons which I will write more about in future posts. All free website templates on andreasviklund.com are written using valid XHTML and CSS, and I recommend everyone to do their best to keep their code valid. One of the easiest ways to find…