Asokay theme for WordPress

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Version: 1.0.4
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The Asokay theme was built with Automattic’s Toolbox as a starting point, to allow me to focus on the design while at the same time making sure that the code is up to date with the latest version of WordPress. Asokay (which is named after an upcoming music project that I have been working on for some time but which is still under the radar) has a classic 2-column layout, inspired by the andreas08 template and the visual appearance of some of my newer templates. The theme is built using HTML5 and CSS3. It has been tested with all the major browsers (including on mobile devices) to ensure full compability. As I am planning to use this theme myself on the future website for the Asokay music project, I will be updating it with new features and options in the future. Feature suggestions, comments and user contributions are always welcome.

New: I have created a set of nine additional header images, in a similar style as the default header.jpg, but covering several different topics. Read more about the Asokay header image pack in the blog, or download the header image pack directly.

Asokay theme screenshot