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WordPress 3.3 to be released soon

Version 3.3 of WordPress will be released soon. Two release candidate versions have been released, and the latest RC is now running on my theme demo site… waiting times

The Arctica theme for WordPress has been queued for review on for seven weeks. In order to speed up future theme releases, I will make the themes available on until they are approved and published in the official WordPress theme directory…

Inspiration: Examples of responsive websites has posted an article which can give anyone interested in responsive web design a lot of inspiration: “60 examples of responsive website design”…

Variant Whitespace template re-organized

Guy Rutenberg found a couple of details in the Variant Whitespace template which could be improved, and decided to create and release a modified version of it. Guy changed the code order and edited the way that the sidebar is positioned, and the result sure is an improvement. Check it out!

New theme for WordPress: Lagom 1.0

After a long wait in the review queue, the Lagom theme for WordPress has now been approved and published in the official WordPress theme directory. It was made available three days ago, and it has already been downloaded more than 900 times. If you are looking for a classic 2-column blog layout, give it a…