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Three of the most common requests that I have often got throughout the last couple of years have been “Can you make a wider version of template X?”, “Can you make template X with color Y?” and “Can you add feature Z to this template?”. In a few cases, I have updated the templates with the requested changes. But in the most cases, I have recommended the template user to make the changes himself/herself and sent explanations of the procedure – an option which was not really optimal.

More recently, template designer Jason Cole started publishing alternate versions of my templates on his own website, often based on requests from visitors on Through the addition of the new discussion forum on this site and with sub-forums created for each individual template, there is now a single space for presenting and discussing modified versions of the templates.

Jason has joined the forum as a moderator (see his profile page) and he has created “Alternate versions and ports” threads in each template sub-forum. For example, see the thread for alternate versions of the andreas01 template where Jason’s wide version can be previewed and downloaded.

Together with Jason, I will be adding links to alternate versions as well as creating new variations based on your requests and suggestions. There will also be links to ports and theme versions for different content management systems and blog engines, such as WordPress, Drupal and CMS Made Simple just to name a few. With the exception of the themes listed on the WordPress themes page (which are soon going to be updated for full compability with WordPress 3.0), I can not do CMS ports myself. But if you have created an own port of any of the free templates and you make it available so that others can download and use it for free, you are welcome to post preview and download links in the forums – or contact me about it so I can add the links myself.

Requests are also welcome, although I please ask you to create a new thread for that purpose rather than posting in the variation threads.

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Free Wordpress ThemesSeptember 7, 2010 at 10:16Reply

All Good things come to those who wait. Used Jasons site in the past for themes and will be sending u guys requests for more goodness very soo im sure!

LuxiaoxiaocitySeptember 15, 2010 at 04:03Reply

I have created a package of example header images that can be downloaded for free and used with the andreas01 design directly. Below is a scaled-down preview of what the images look like.

MamboJohnSeptember 21, 2010 at 12:47Reply

Too many letters, thats soo silly

Satiq netSeptember 23, 2010 at 14:38Reply

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