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Inspired by the great modified versions that Jason Cole has made from my XHTML/CSS templates (see the forum for details), I have created two alternate versions of the andreas01 template. It is a bit like remixing my own work, in order to give you a few more options to choose from if you like the basic layout of the original template but want something a little bit different. The two new styles are andreas01-dark (which has a wider layout, no background image, white text on dark backgrounds and purple link color) and andreas01-wide (which is basically just a wider version of the original but with a touch of red colors). Here is what they look like:

Both designs are complete templates available as separate downloads from the andreas01 template page, not add-ons that require any editing to work. Check them out and let me know what you think. More alternate versions are on their way, request are of course welcome. And again, there are forum threads for alternate versions of every template in the forum that is well worth checking out, don’t miss it.


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edcamsjrOctober 18, 2010 at 14:20Reply

i’d like your new version and alternate version of andreas01.