CSS3 PIE – Bringing CSS3 effects to Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8

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One common dilemma with using CSS3 decorations such as border-radius and box-shadow has been the lack of support for those decorations in the Internet Explorer web browser. But there is a rather simple way of getting some of the most popular CSS3 features to work with IE: CSS3 PIE – where PIE means “Progessive Internet Explorer”. It is an attached behavior file which makes IE recognize and display some CSS3, and it is simple to add to your website. It is not any perfect solution as it tends to slow down the page rendering quite a bit, but for many websites (and website templates) it may still be an interesting option.

Check it out and try it for yourself. The CSS3 PIE website has a demo to view, and the support forum has a PIE in action thread with links to websites that have added CSS3 PIE.

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JasonSeptember 10, 2011 at 16:50Reply

Hey Andreas I need your help with a template, I tried registering for the forum but it would not work. Please email at the email address provided so I can get some assistance, THANK you for the awesome templates