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The WordPress themes page has been updated, all themes can now be downloaded either directly from this site or from the official WordPress theme directory. I have tested all themes with WordPress 3.0, made minor adjustments and added a new theme based on the default twentyten theme but with some added styles and colors from the Basic Reader template. It was created on request from a website visitor who liked the mix of colors in the original template, and who wanted to apply a similar style to his WordPress blog without losing the features of the default theme. You can download the Basic Reader for WordPress theme directly from

Drupal themes added

A new page has been added to the site: Drupal themes. It features versions of my free templates converted into themes for Drupal. Right now, 14 of my template designs are available for Drupal users, and I will add more as I find new theme versions. Thanks to Nick Young for creating the Drupal themes!

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