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New WordPress theme and preview links added

The WordPress themes page has been updated with live preview links for the available themes. It gives you the ability to see a demo of the themes before download, on a separate website with sample content designed to show as many of the WordPress features as possible. The demo site runs WordPress v3.2 beta 1,…

New WordPress theme: Basic Noise

The latest free website template release, Basic Noise, is now available as a theme for WordPress. The original dual-column content layout has been modified into a classic 2-column blog layout with a right sidebar, and lots of CSS has been added to make the theme work with as many WordPress features as possible. There is…

New template: Basic Noise

Following the release of Basic Contact yesterday, here is a new basic template design: Basic Noise. It features a tab menu, a feature area (which doubles as a header image area), one or two content columns and a footer. And some hidden options to go with that, for those who dive deeper into the stylesheet….

New template: Basic Contact

A new template has been released, this time a simple example of how to include a comment/contact form into a template. The title of the template is Basic Contact and it comes in three versions: standard, light and narrow single-column. To download the three versions of the Basic Contact template: Basic Contact: download here

Basic Presentation (alt) released

A second version of Basic Presentation template has been released, with small but requested modifications: The sidebar has been moved to the right, slightly different colors and and the 4-column feature section left out. The alternate version does not include the two .PSD files, so the .zip download size is much smaller than the original…