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In an interesting post in the new discussion forum, madhatter suggested that I should look into the concept of Facebook page templates. It is basically regular HTML pages that are included into Facebook pages (such as the official andreasviklund.com Facebook page) through an iframe. It was a really good suggestion, I had not even considered creating any such designs until that post was written.

I am currently reading more about the topic to learn how it all works, and I will use my own page as a sandbox for testing designs. The general rule of the Facebook iframe is that it is only 520 pixels wide, which is an interesting limitation. Facebook pages are most often used for promotions, presentations and for displaying external content for pre-defined groups of followers/fans. A few examples of where my designs have been used are already mentioned in the same thread. If anyone else out there has used one of my designs on a Facebook page, please let me know. I would love to hear more about how it has been done and what pros and cons there were with using a template from here for such purpose.

To start with, I will release a couple of modified mobile-friendly templates, reduced to 520 pixels width. Suggestions and ideas are very welcome.

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