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As much as I love building themes for WordPress, I am much more of a CSS designer than a coder. In order to make theme development easier, I started to build a library of useful code snippets that I could re-use in future projects. Seeing how useful it was, I started looking around for sites with more snippets that I could use. Today, WordPress Tavern published a post with a link that is well worth passing on to anyone who could find short code snippets for WP-theme development useful…

WPfunction.me contains a collection of snippets which you can copy and paste into the functions.php file of your theme to add new features to it. Using a simple interface, you can sort snippets by category and then select the features you want to add. After selecting, you click a “Get my code” button to get all the code you need. Paste the code into your functions.php file, and you are all ready to go.

It is not the largest collection of WordPress-related code snippets I have seen, but the way that features are selected and the code is customized according to the selections that are made, is simply beautiful. Check it out, and if you want more code examples to choose from, move on to the excellent list of code snippets compiled by CatsWhoCode.


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Merlin MasonApril 19, 2012 at 14:49Reply

Hey Andreas, thanks for the feature!

I think I’m similar to you, completely coming to WordPress for a CSS / JS point of view and struggle slightly with more complex PHP, so glad to hear you find it useful too. If you’ve got any snippet suggestions please feel free to email them over and I’ll add them into the next update.


EdmondJune 30, 2012 at 02:13Reply


Thanks for the snippets. Always keep on struggling with the codes and switching bwtween tabs. This looks helpful to me. I am modyfying the theme…if you have spare time can visit my site all the comments are welcome.

marcelAugust 17, 2012 at 01:53Reply

Thats something interesting,have been using wp for years already, heard of them but never used, seems like its time to try