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As the interest for my WordPress themes continues to be big despite a lack of updates for a long time, I have decided to put more energy on the WordPress themes page and start creating new themes again. I have not kept up with recent changes that WordPress 3.1 will require from new themes, but I have spent the last couple of days learning more about it. Expect an update to the themes page in a few days.

I would also like to post a reminder that I am open for letting other theme designers promote their themes here on, and that I would be happy to distribute well-coded WordPress theme ports of my free website templates. I know that there are a couple of designers out there who are currently working on building themes from my templates, and I am really looking forward to try the themes out once they are completed. But there is room for more themes, even ones that are not based on any of my templates. If you would want to publish your theme here and make it reach the many bloggers and site owners who come here looking for themes every week, please get in touch!

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