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In order to speed up the site, I have installed a couple of plugins and done quite a lot of optimization work on the site. Since some time back, andreasviklund.com is using WP Minify and WP Super Cache, which appeared to give a significant boost to the site performance. However, I have realized that it has had some unwanted effects where recent updates and new blog posts have not been visible on all parts of the site – probably because visitors have seen cached versions of some pages even after they have been updated. I have adjusted the cache settings now to refresh the cache more often, so that problem should now be solved. I have also updated to the latest version of WordPress today, an update which caused some other unexpected results that has now been fixed.

After extensive testing and fixing, it appears as if everything now works as it should. I will re-post two blog entries that got lost in the update, as well as publishing two more free website templates, during the next couple of days. I will also publish part 2 in the image gallery tutorial series, as well as the modified version of the Gallery template with the jQuery image gallery plugin included. Stay tuned for a big update on Wednesday, February 9th!


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DaengMarch 8, 2011 at 17:31Reply

Yeah, I really like the wp because it is easy to do and many available plugins that really help the performance site.