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I have spent this weekend on adding two new features for the site. Here is a short rundown:

Share buttons for pages and posts

Buttons for Google +1, Facebook Like and Tweet this have been added to all pages and all blog posts – as well as to the front page. If you click on one of the buttons (for example the “Facebook like” button) on any page or blog post, you will “like” that specific page or post (rather than the main URL,, which was shared on the previous version of the site). The sharing buttons now display the number of +1’s, likes and tweets for each page, which is also a new feature.

Comment using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account

Comments can now be posted using your Facebook account, Google account or Twitter account, as well as by manually filling in the name and e-mail address like before. If you post a comment by connecting your Facebook account, your comment will also be posted on your Facebook wall along with a link to the post you are commenting on. I don’t know if this will be useful to anyone, but I thought that it could be worth trying it out.

More features will be added during the next couple of weeks, as the site is in constant development now. If there is any specific feature that you would want to see, feel free to post your suggestions and requests here.

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