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The future of CSS layouts

This is exciting, a quick view into what CSS layouts may look like in the future. I have experimented a bit with CSS columns and grid but not used it for any template yet. Expect experimental releases later this fall!

New theme: Asokay for WordPress

A new WordPress theme called “Asokay” has been released, and it is a theme that I am going to use myself on a music project website which I am planning to launch later this summer. Read more about (and download) the Asokay theme in this post.

New template: Variant Note

I am happy to present Variant Note, another release added to the ever-growing template gallery. Variant Note is a dual-layout template (2-column or single column) with a non-standard font used through @font-face. It comes in red colors, but it can easily be customized thanks to the simple CSS code structure. Source files in .PSD format…

New template: Basic Minimal

A new free website template has been published: Basic Minimal. It is a simple and, as the name implies, minimalistic design which makes use of a custom @font-face and some CSS3 text-shadows. The layout uses two columns, with a third column left empty to display the background image. This allows for some creative design experiments…

New release: Basic Landing

Not all websites use multiple pages and navigation menus. There are numerous single-page websites out there, and after publishing more than 60 free website templates on andreasviklund.com I realized that I was missing a design for a simple single-page website. Here it is, and I have given it the name Basic Landing (as in “landing…