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New free website template: Fashion

The Fashion template is a colorful and artistic HTML/CSS template which puts images in focus. It is built with a responsive grid layout system that allows you to create any layout needed, and it includes an image gallery with slideshow features (powered by Gallerax by nodethirtythree), as well as sample styles for a contact form….

CSS image slideshows without scripting

Stu Nicholls has a brilliant archive of experiments and concepts that pushes the limits for what can be done using CSS. Recently, he has published a number of demos that challenges the view that javascript is needed to create beautiful image slideshows. Using clever (and standards-compliant) coding, Stu shows that it is perfectly possible to…

Adding more gallery pages to the “This is me” template

The new This is me and This is me (dark) templates have got great feedback, and there are already a number of websites based on the templates running live on the web. After reviewing the feedback from users of the two templates, I am now working on updates based on your comments, ideas and requests….

Lighter versions of the Gallery template released

Two lighter versions of the Gallery template have been released, made on request from one of my friends who wants to use it for a simple HTML/jQuery-based photo page. The new versions have a lighter background and a different colorscheme. The original Gallery template has become one of the most popular downloads on this site,…

How to add an image gallery to a template (part 2)

This is part 2 in a series of tutorial posts about adding an image gallery to a website template. For this post to be useful, make sure to read part 1 first! In the part 1 of this tutorial I described how to replace the single sample image of the Gallery template with a simple…