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“This is me” template updated to v1.1

As described in the post from yesterday, the This is me and This is me (dark) templates have been updated to support multiple image gallery sections, with internal navigation links between the sections. In terms of code modifications, it is a minor update. But a very useful one, as I have seen that the two…

How to add multiple image sections to “This is me” v1.0

To add support for more than one gallery section in the “This is me” and “This is me (dark)” templates, there are a few things that need to be done in the HTML and CSS code. The following step-by-step tutorial works for both the light and the dark version of the “This is me” template….

Adding more gallery pages to the “This is me” template

The new This is me and This is me (dark) templates have got great feedback, and there are already a number of websites based on the templates running live on the web. After reviewing the feedback from users of the two templates, I am now working on updates based on your comments, ideas and requests….

New template: Inland

A new free CSS template has been released, and this one is a highlight. It is called “Inland”, and it is a multi-layout design with lots of options that are there if you need them – while still remaining very simple and easy to work with. Inland features a jQuery image slider, multiple layout widths…

New template: This is me

A few days ago, I uploaded a new template to the site. It is a collaborative project based on the concept of a virtual business card, similar to what I did with the Basic Businesscard template but with all content placed in one single HTML file. Using only 42 lines of CSS code (which includes…