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How do WordPress plugins affect site performance?

One of the best things about building websites with WordPress is the flexibility you get from the wide range of WordPress plugins available. But every plugin that is added affects the performance of the website. If the number of installed plugins is high, the difference can be quite significant. Dev4Press has published a detailed test…

WordPress theme and plugin vulnerability: timthumb.php

Have you noticed strange things happening with your WordPress websites lately? Are spam links appearing in the theme HTML output without being visible when you view the page? Or are you using plugins or themes that have not been updated lately? Then there are a few articles you need to read.

Important: Minimum requirements for WordPress 3.2

The upcoming version 3.2 of WordPress are dropping support for older versions of PHP and MySQL. To use WordPress 3.2, you will need atleast PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0. In this post, I describe a simple way to check if your server is ready for an upgrade to WordPress v3.2.

Security alert: WP-DBManager plugin for WordPress

(Updated!) A WordPress plugin which I have used in the past (and liked a lot) is WP-DBManager by Lester “GamerZ” Chan. WP-DBManager is a tool that makes it possible to create and manage backups of WordPress MySQL databases automatically. Today I learned from a tweet by Joakim Jardenberg that WP-DBmanager has a confirmed, serious security…

Server and website upgrades

After a few days of low appearant activity where there have been some website issues and downtime caused by some kind of external overload attack, andreasviklund.com has been given a set of significant upgrades both in terms of server hardware, software and scripts. WordPress has been updated to version 3.1.2, existing plugins have been upgraded…