Server and website upgrades

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After a few days of low appearant activity where there have been some website issues and downtime caused by some kind of external overload attack, has been given a set of significant upgrades both in terms of server hardware, software and scripts. WordPress has been updated to version 3.1.2, existing plugins have been upgraded to their latest versions and a number of new plugins have been added. On May 1st, I am planning to give the template gallery a big feature refresh, and I have a number of templates (both new ones and alternate versions) that will be released in the next couple of days. I am currently putting the final touches to a new multi-series template and a new image gallery template, as well as finishing two tutorial posts that will both be published on Thursday the 28th of April.

Cleanup of spam registrations

The user database has been cleaned up and a number of user accounts have been deleted. Users which were obvious spam accounts have been removed, as well as users that have no recorded activity or any login during the last six months. All active user accounts should still work, although the support forum is temporarily disabled – it will go online again tomorrow (Wednesday the 27th of April).

WordPress theme designers still wanted

I am currently discussing with a couple of talented WordPress theme designers about adding their themes to the WordPress themes page, as well as converting some of the free website templates into themes for WordPress. If you are a theme designer and would want to contribute to the WP-themes gallery, please let me know. I get a lot of custom theme design requests that I have to turn down, and I would be happy to get a couple of talented theme designers on board that I could forward such requests to.

Advertise – Special spring offer for sitewide 125px buttons

On popular demand, I have changed the 125px ad banner zone into a sitewide zone. The price for putting a 125px button on each and every page on has been lowered. To purchase a 125px spot, go to and place your order.

Contest coming up

Another exciting thing is that I will soon host a small design contest here on, a template/theme design challenge which will be open to everyone who is interested in web design. If you want a chance to win a nice prize by showing your creative skills to the world, keep an eye on this blog in the beginning of May for more information!

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