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Variant Whitespace template re-organized

Guy Rutenberg found a couple of details in the Variant Whitespace template which could be improved, and decided to create and release a modified version of it. Guy changed the code order and edited the way that the sidebar is positioned, and the result sure is an improvement. Check it out!

Background image pack for Variant Whitespace

Want to change the visual appearance of the Variant Whitespace template without having to edit any code at all? Then try replacing the default background images, it can make a significant difference. I have created a package with six replacement backgrounds in 3 different styles (original layout + reversed layout for each style) that you…

Variant Whitespace – reversed layout added

As promised in the post from yesterday, I have updated the Variant Whitespace template today and added a secondary layout with the sidebar on the left side. The original layout with the right sidebar is still included as the default style (index.html), while the new layout is added in a new .HTML file called index-reversed.html….

Contributed modification coming up

Shortly after the Variant Whitespace template was released, I got an e-mail from a site visitor who had modified the template to reverse the layout to give it a left sidebar. At the same time, I was working on a set of alternate background images for the same template. During this weekend, I have merged…

New template: Variant Whitespace

A new template has been released, this time a simple 2-column layout called Variant Whitespace. Read more about it on the template page, or download Variant Whitespace here