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Variant Duo

Basic dual-column template for personal websites or product showcases, or perhaps portfolio websites. Can be used as a single-column, full-width layout as well by removing the div:s with classes “left” and “right”.

Basic Reader

Minimalistic, standard 2-column layout with only basic styles and a few CSS classes included. Made on request from a site owner who wanted to see a template of this kind for text-only documentation pages. Three alternate versions are available: basic-reader-alt (which adds 3-column support and which has a different layout for the timestamp, the background…

Basic Modular

This is a very different template from what is usually found on this site. It is one of the results of an old coding experiment which was based on an interesting idea but which was never finished: A single .CSS-file template which could provide millions of layout/design combinations by using small “modular” blocks of code….

Basic Landing

Simple single-column layout made for single-page websites such as presentations or landing pages. Unlike other templates, there is no navigation menu included in this template. The layout width is 760px, but it can easily be changed to a wider format by editing the .inner class in the CSS. A two-column version is also available as…


Very simple, very sweet and very easy to work with. The original andreas07 templates had a 2-column layout with a left-side column that was fixed using absolute positioning. The new version 2.0 adds an optional third column, and the menu is no longer fixed. Two alternate versions have been made available, with different color schemes…