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Multi Options

Multi Options is one of the most customizable templates I have ever created. As the name implies, it offers multiple options for its design. Using body classes, you can choose between 4 different layout widths (600, 760, 980 or 1200 pixels), 7 different fonts (Tahoma, Georgia, Times New Roman, Helvetica, Verdana, Arial or Courier) and…


The original andreas09 template with 6 color schemes and two different layouts (3-column fluid or 2-column fluid). Not nearly as advanced as the amazing WP-theme version by Ainslie Johnson that was included in the theme gallery of for a number of years (at its peak used on more than 100.000 blogs), but still…


This template was originally made as an entry in the OWD Autumn design contest, where it was awarded 1st prize.


Simple and clean multi-layout XHTML/CSS template with a clean and classic design. This was the first website template I ever released, and it is still one of the most popular of all my templates since the first version was released in July 2005. Since then, the template has been updated and improved several times. Beside…


Dual-layout XHTML/CSS template originally based on andreas01 but improved with additional features and effects. Among other things, it includes styles for tables and forms, and background images in the button menu. Empty pages are also included for both included layouts to make it easy to get started.