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A basic 2-column XHTML/CSS template made for 1024px screen width (or higher), and it comes in two variations: left or right sidebar. It is SEO-friendly and accessible, but still very simple and logical structure. Just a good layout for those who prefer a visually clean style.

Variant Whitespace

Simple, bright and narrow 2-column layout with a vertical button menu. The design relies on a single background image, which can be removed if wanted. Two layouts are included: left sidebar or right sidebar.

Variant Mini

Variant Mini has got its name for a reason. It provides multiple layouts (1-3 columns), but it has a very simple code structure with a stylesheet that has less than 30 lines of code. The template is flexible enough to be useful for experienced site builders, while at the same time it is simple enough…

Variant Fashion

Multiple layouts, multiple visual styles. Variant Fashion gives you options and alternatives, and provides examples of how to change the entire design with minor changes in the XHTML and CSS code. By default, this template contains layouts for 2 columns with the sidebar left or right of the main content, a full width 1-column layout…

Variant Classic

Variant Classic is a free XHTML/CSS template based on the design that had for several years, until the current design was launched on September 1st, 2010. The title comes from the fact that this kind of layout (three columns with dual sidebars on the right side and a horizontal menu in the header) has…