Alternate versions of Variant Rounded

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Last week I released two alternate versions of the andreas01 template. Today I have added two variations of the Variant Rounded template with wider layouts (960px width instead of 760px in the original template), including a 2-column version since that had been requested by a site visitor.

I did not make any changes to the colorscheme in these variations, but I have got a request for a pink-colored version of Variant Rounded that I am planning to release soon. I have also made alternate colorschemes to other templates, including the new Variant Duo so there will be more alternate version releases in the next couple of weeks. Requests for alternate versions are very welcome, post your suggestions in the comments.

Full-size screenshots of the two new versions can be found on the Variant Rounded page. You can also download the templates directly:

Variant Rounded (2-column edition)
Variant Rounded (wide edition)


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