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I am in the process of setting up a Drupal test site to try out the different Drupal themes that have been built from my free templates. The most interesting ones are the ones created by Nick Young. He has created three themes, of which two feature multiple layouts: a 1024px theme, a theme based on the Daleri templates and a theme based on the andreasXX templates were originally created for Drupal 6 themes back in 2009. The themes are currently being updated for Drupal 7, and it will be really interesting to try them out. You can see the themes live on Nick’s site, using the “change theme” links in the footer.

The plan is to add a page for Drupal themes, in the same way as I have for the WordPress themes where I link to the theme project pages in the official Drupal theme catalogue. Similar pages will be created for other content management systems as soon as I have gathered enough themes and ported templates to fill a page. I hope to see some of the newer templates converted into themes for Drupal, Typo3, MODx and other systems – as well as for WordPress and popular blog services like Blogger and Tumlbr.

The new Drupal themes page will likely be published in the middle of next week. If you know of any good Drupal 7 port that I should include, or if you are working on your own port of any of the templates, post a comment to this thread so I can include it at launch.

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