Basic Profile – fluid version released

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The two versions of the Basic Profile template that I released recently has got great reactions and lots of positive feedback. Inspired by the nice comments, I have created a third version of the Basic Profile template: Basic Profile (fluid). As the name implies, it has a layout that adjusts to the width of the browser window (up to a max-width of 1560 pixels). I have moved the logotype to the header, the navigation menu to below the header and added a 3-column layout option through two new classes, class=”left” and class=”right” – similar to how I have done in other templates in the past. The beautiful icons from the (alt) version are included in the (fluid) version as well, but changed to a blue color. I know that I already have way too many blue templates in the my template gallery, but I couldn’t resist making another one. The lovely thing about the Basic Profile template and the icons it includes, is that you can modify the icons to any color you want to. See this tutorial for instructions on how to do it.

Here is a screenshot of the new Basic Profile (fluid) template. Click the image to download the template directly, or check out a live demo here.


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