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For the latest template that I released, Basic Profile, I made an alternate version which included a set of icons that matched the colorscheme of the template. Since one of the most common modifications that template users want to do is to change the link colors, I want to show you how you can modify the icons to match any color you want your Basic Profile-based website to have.

The icon set:

The icons used in the Basic Profile (alt) template are taken from, which offers a set of 119 icons that can be customized using a color selection tool and then downloaded and used with a Creative Commons Attribution license (meaning that a to is required if you use their icons). To customize the icon set, start by going to the website by clicking the image below.

Step 1: Select your color

The first thing you will see is the set of icons in a default color. You can choose between a number of colors, or use the color selection box to provide a color using a hexadecimal value. For the Basic Profile (alt) template I used #239a23 which creates green icons. If you want to create a set of blue icons, for example using my classic blue color from the andreas01 template, click the red box above the icons beside the “Color” label and enter the hex value #467aa7.

Step 2: Download the icon set

Once you have selected a color, review the icons to make sure that they look nice with the color you have selected and the click the “Download all icons” button below the icons.

Step 3: Extract the .zip and edit the CSS

When the download finishes, extract the .zip you just downloaded to the /images/icons/ folder of the Basic Profile (alt) template to overwrite the icon set that is included with the template. If you have edited the link colors in the basic-profile-alt.css file and changed the default color (#239a23) to #467aa7, you can now review the changes in your web browser. If you haven’t edited the CSS yet, the changes needed to be made in the CSS are on the following two lines:

a {color:#239a23; text-decoration:none;}
h1 a {color:#239a23; text-transform:none;}

Edit the color value to make the lines look like this:

a {color:#467aa7; text-decoration:none;}
h1 a {color:#467aa7; text-transform:none;}

…and you are done.

Step 4: Review the changes

The template should now look like this:

As with the icon set included by default, you can modify what images are shown to each menu option by editing the .icon classes in the CSS, and the corresponding classes on each menu list item. You may also want to replace the default logo with an image of your own that matches the link and icon colors. If you want to know more about creating a custom logo for the Basic Profile template, post a comment and I may write a separate post on that topic.

Thanks to for the excellent icons and the great customization tool, and for allowing site owners to use the icon set for free!

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This article was written by Andreas Viklund

Web designer, writer and the creative engine behind this website. Author of most of the free website templates, along with some of the WordPress themes.


BALI RATIHMarch 24, 2011 at 08:04Reply

thanks i have inspiration after read your articles

Facundo GonzálezMarch 24, 2011 at 16:59Reply

Muy bueno el servicio de Iconza, no lo conocía y voy a empezar a utilizarlo frecuentemente. Ah! Muy bonita Basic Profile (alt).

AJ ClarkeMarch 31, 2011 at 06:46Reply

Wow, very nice find. Iconza is sure going to make my life sooo much easier. No more messing with photoshop or illustrator to change icons. Thanks for the share!

LikoApril 11, 2011 at 12:54Reply

I want to thank you! As usual it was VERY useful.

AlpayJune 28, 2011 at 09:09Reply

very professional.

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woow, omg I never seen that before, even I read some up to date web-dev blogs. Thanks for that priceless link!

çin fuarıJuly 7, 2011 at 17:09Reply

thanks for this great tutorial, ıcan make my own icons instead of downloading the same icons again and again

PaulineAugust 7, 2011 at 16:27Reply

OMG! Wish I could do all that. Just learning but sooo glad I found this site! Thank you for helping us novices.

çin fuarlarıSeptember 12, 2012 at 16:15Reply

I cant belive its so easy to do, thanks very good and clean tutorial u save my lot of time