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The Inland template (and the related Inland Earth and Inland Wood templates) have been updated to fix an error that several users have spotted: Text marked up with <strong> and <em> tags have not got been displayed as bold and in italics as expected. This is because of the CSS reset that was used in the beginning of the CSS documents for each templates, and it has now been fixed to make these tags work as intended. I have also added additional styling for links in the #extended part of the layout, to give it a different appearance than in the first version of the templates.

To add these changes manually, you can add the following lines to the stylesheet of your Inland-based websites (no matter which of the versions you use):

i,em {font-style:italic;}
b,strong {font-weight:700;}
#extended a{text-decoration:underline;}

Download here

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Katie K.May 22, 2012 at 04:35Reply

Love the new options/features for Inland! I’m just finishing up a site based off this template for one of our businesses (template credit to you, of course). Thanks for all the great material. Any chance you’ll include a drop down menu in future versions? Or a supplementary e-newsletter template?

Kagan KocatepeAugust 15, 2013 at 15:50Reply

Hi there Andreas;
I adore your inland template and started to work on it. Just a question. Why is it not possible to insert pagebreaks or chane table borders, they dont show up when live;
Thanks a lot: