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The Grid v2.1 released

The second version of The Grid template has been updated to version 2.1, fixing a minor error in the sample content. A package of sample layouts built from the template will be released separately at the end of this week, showing the flexibility that the grid system provides for creating both simple and complex layouts….

Now available: The Arctica theme for WordPress

Since more than 80 days have passed since I submitted this theme to the official WordPress theme directory queue, and since the theme is marked as being under review since a number of weeks, I decided to make my next theme available on this site and keep it here until it shows up in the…

WordPress v3.3 (“Sonny”) is released

After months of beta testing and three release candidates, WordPress version 3.3 has now been released. It has been given the name “Sonny” in honor of jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt, and as always it features a number of new additions and features. It can be installed through the administration area of existing self-hosted WordPress websites,…

Variant Whitespace template re-organized

Guy Rutenberg found a couple of details in the Variant Whitespace template which could be improved, and decided to create and release a modified version of it. Guy changed the code order and edited the way that the sidebar is positioned, and the result sure is an improvement. Check it out!

New theme for WordPress: Lagom 1.0

After a long wait in the review queue, the Lagom theme for WordPress has now been approved and published in the official WordPress theme directory. It was made available three days ago, and it has already been downloaded more than 900 times. If you are looking for a classic 2-column blog layout, give it a…