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Open call to designers, photographers, artists and other creative people!

After releasing mostly generic website template designs, it is now time to add something new: Templates about specific topics! As I can not do it all by myself, so I’m posting an open call to all the creative people out there to be a part of this project. Click the post title to read more about it…

New theme for WordPress: Arctica

A new WordPress theme has been submitted to the official WordPress theme directory, where it is currently in the review queue. It is called Arctica, and it has a 2-column layout with a light-on-dark colorscheme with a touch of purple. This is what it looks like… now featuring templates from

Three design templates from (andreas03, andreas08 and andreas09) have been made available for the free website builder

The Grid version 2.0 released

The Grid template has got a lot of positive feedback since its release in the beginning of September. It was the most downloaded template on this site during last month, and since I learned a lot from creating it I wanted to continue working with it to learn even more. Today I am releasing a…

Header image pack for the Asokay theme

On request: A set of nine downloadable black and white photos, customized into the 940×240 pixels header image format of the Asokay theme for WordPress.