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The HTML5 logo has been presented

As I continue experimenting with HTML5, I ran across the official HTML5 logo from W3C today. In an effort to promote the upcoming standard (which is still a “working draft” and not an official standard yet), the new logo is intended to make developers and designers to discover the many new possibilities that HTML5 provides….

Contributed modification coming up

Shortly after the Variant Whitespace template was released, I got an e-mail from a site visitor who had modified the template to reverse the layout to give it a left sidebar. At the same time, I was working on a set of alternate background images for the same template. During this weekend, I have merged… on the iPad

Two weeks ago, I installed the WPtouch Pro plugin to make easier to read on mobile devices. Yesterday I updated the plugin to a new version that includes a customized theme for the Apple iPad. If you visit this site with Mobile Safari on an iPad, you will now see a simplified version of…

The annual cleaning project

Since I got my first own computer back in the spring of 1997, I have made it a tradition to do some cleaning work of the computer during the last couple of days every year. Most often, that has meant to make two backup copies of all the files, then format all disks and re-install…

Moving into 2011

With only a few minutes left of the year 2010, I can look back at a dramatic year for both the site and for me personally. As usual, I will not write any long summary of the year that has passed. But at this time of the year I always sit down and think about…