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I am back after a couple of weeks of low activity on the site and in the mailbox. For a person like me, who is used to spending most of my days in front of the computer while writing code or learning new and exciting things, it is quite difficult to go offline for any longer time. But the time off (and offline) has given me a boost of inspiration, and during the last week I have been working on several new projects which will be published here soon. New templates, a new WordPress theme and a number of blog posts – including a tutorial which I think will be quite useful.

During the time offline, I spent a lot of time with my family (mostly my fiancée Johanna and my father Kjell), as well as in the garden taking care of the strawberries, raspberries, red- and blackcurrants. While I love working online, it is incredibly relaxing to just sit outdoors by the rose bushes (R. gallica for those of you who are curious) and do nothing. I have also taken a lot of photos, many of which have gone straight into my folder for images that I can use for future design projects. Don’t be surprised if you find a rose-themed website template here in the future, or header images showing newly picked strawberries…

The summer in northern Sweden is short, but intensive. There have been numerous thunderstorms, but also some days with amazing weather. We are already seeing the first sings of the fall coming closer, so I have tried to make the most of the summer while it has lasted. But now, heading into August, it is time to get back to working with this site and with new material on it. This fall will bring a lot of news, and I look forward to what is ahead. You will see the first couple of releases during this week, and I will also make sure to reply to all unanswered e-mails I have got during the last couple of weeks.


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Facundo GonzálezAugust 3, 2011 at 22:23Reply

Taking care of them? Is time to eat it!

I wait to the new templates and new tutorials, primarily, a tutorial that explains how to transform an ordinary template into a WordPress theme.

Greetings! I always follow you!!!