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I am currently spending my last hour of work at my desk in the office in the Old Town in Stockholm, for this time. I have been here since yesterday for meetings and some teamwork, the last visit I make in Stockholm until after the summer. One of the things I have worked on is a new WordPress theme which will be released this weekend. It will be based on Toolbox by Automattic, with an andreas08-inspired design added by me. You can preview the Asokay theme on the theme demo site.

In a few minutes, I will pack my bag and start my 1000+ kilometer trip back home to Jokkmokk, where I expect to arrive around midnight…

A view over Tessin Palace in the Old Town of Stockholm, a beautiful building next to the Royal Palace. Photo taken by me through the window from my Stockholm office.

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Sara WildsOctober 4, 2011 at 13:27Reply

Stockholm is a beautiful place. Will you get to see much of it before you return?