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Asokay theme passes 5k downloads

The Asokay theme for WordPress has passed 5.000 downloads since it was added to the official WordPress theme directory just over a month ago. What new features would you want to see in the next version?

Header image pack for the Asokay theme

On request: A set of nine downloadable black and white photos, customized into the 940×240 pixels header image format of the Asokay theme for WordPress.

Asokay theme for WordPress updated to v1.0.4

An update of the Asokay theme for WordPress has been submitted to the WordPress theme directory, fixing a bug that made user-uploaded header images display incorrectly.

New version of the Asokay theme for WordPress

The Asokay theme for WordPress has been updated to v1.0.3, with support for custom header image and other new features. The biggest update is that the theme is now included in (and distributed through) the official WordPress theme directory, so it can be installed directly from the administration area of any self-hosted WordPress website. Sites…

Two happy theme announcements!

Daleri Single for Tumblr The Daleri Single theme for Tumblr has now been reviewed, approved and added to the official Tumblr theme directory, the Theme Garden. When I write this, the theme has already been installed on over a hundred blogs. I will browse through as many of them as I can during this weekend…