Update about the Arctica theme for WordPress

After being in the review queue for the official WordPress theme directory for more than three months, the Arctica theme was finally reviewed a day ago. Since it was based on the same code base as my two latest themes, Asokay and Lagom (which are both approved and published on wordpress.org), I expected the review…

Video tutorials: Learn to write XHTML and CSS manually

After being asked about HTML/CSS coding tutorials for beginners, I ran across a site with a number of excellent guides: LearnWebCode.com. In a number of simple steps, you can learn the basics of both (X)HTML and CSS, and along with the texts you can find a number of videos that give you a visual guide…

The Grid v2.1 released

The second version of The Grid template has been updated to version 2.1, fixing a minor error in the sample content. A package of sample layouts built from the template will be released separately at the end of this week, showing the flexibility that the grid system provides for creating both simple and complex layouts….

Notepad++ 2.5.8 released

The code editor of my choice, Notepad++, has been updated to version 5.9.8. It is a minor update, but it includes a welcome addition of drag-and-drop capability in the project manager.

Sharing buttons and commenting using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account

I have spent this weekend on adding two new features for the site. Here is a short rundown: Share buttons for pages and posts Buttons for Google +1, Facebook Like and Tweet this have been added to all pages and all blog posts – as well as to the front page. If you click on…