Asokay theme passes 5k downloads

The Asokay theme for WordPress has passed 5.000 downloads since it was added to the official WordPress theme directory just over a month ago. What new features would you want to see in the next version? now featuring templates from

Three design templates from (andreas03, andreas08 and andreas09) have been made available for the free website builder

WordPress theme and plugin vulnerability: timthumb.php

Have you noticed strange things happening with your WordPress websites lately? Are spam links appearing in the theme HTML output without being visible when you view the page? Or are you using plugins or themes that have not been updated lately? Then there are a few articles you need to read.

How to select the grid width in The Grid v2 template

The new version 2.0 of The Grid template includes two separate grid layouts, one that is 960 pixels wide and another that is 1200 pixels wide. Both grids use 12 columns with 20 pixels of spacing, but the column widths are diferent. The 960 pixels grid use a column width of 60 pixels while the…

The Grid version 2.0 released

The Grid template has got a lot of positive feedback since its release in the beginning of September. It was the most downloaded template on this site during last month, and since I learned a lot from creating it I wanted to continue working with it to learn even more. Today I am releasing a…