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Web design terminology

ID:s, classes, elements, divs, brackets, attributes, values… What do all the terms really mean? That was one of the reactions I got after posting the series of tutorial posts a few weeks ago. While it is possible to find answers on many different places, it could be a good idea to have a glossary on…

Learn CSS (mobile-friendly version)

I have added a simplified and scaled-down alternate version of the Learn CSS template, adjusted for devices with smaller screens such as the iPhone 4. I started off with the original version of the template and removed the sidebar and the quarter boxes to put the main content in focus. I also reduced the layout…

New template: Variant Stream

A new template has been published: Variant Stream. It is a blue-colored layout with two columns (left sidebar) and space for both a logo and a large header image. Basic blog post styles and two navigation menu options are among other features. An alternate version with an orange/brown colorscheme and the sidebar moved to the…

Variant Portal for MODxCMS

This may be interesting to MODx users: The Variant Portal template has been ported for MODxCMS. I have not tested it myself and not yet found any live site that uses the MODx version of the template, so if anyone would give it a try please let me know how it works.

Basic Show template with three columns

New version of the Basic Show template published, with a third column, refreshed navigation tabs, modified footer and a new colorscheme. The sidebar will be useful if you want to use the template on a site with more pages than the tab menu has space for.