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New template: Variant Pure

A new template has been released: Variant Pure. It includes three different layouts including a version adjusted for mobile devices. For a live demo, screenshots and a longer description, go to the Variant Pure page. To download the new template, click the screenshot below: Screenshot of the Variant Pure template (left: default style, right: alternate…

andreas03 (rust edition)

An alternate version of the andreas03 template has been released, with no layout changes but a new set of colors. Click the screenshot to download andreas03 dressed in orange/brown… (Update: A second version colored in green and with all images removed from the design has been added on request. Click here to download andreas03-noimg.)

Tutorial: Building your first website using a free website template (part 3)

This is part 3 in a series of blog posts that will explain how to use a free website template to build and publish a complete website. Read part 1 for an introduction to the tutorial and part 2 that describes how to download and unpack a template and finding an editor for your operating…

Share your template story

Lots of people send e-mails about new websites that they have built using one of the templates or themes from this site, and it is a great source of inspiration for me when I create new material for the site. Looking at sites built from my templates is also a great way for me to…

andreas05: two alternate versions

The minimalistic andreas05 template has got two alternate versions added. One version called andreas05-clean which is even more minimalistic than the original (.zip download size: 2.13 kilobytes!) and another version called andreas05-alt which is more colorful than the original thanks to a full-size background image.