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Multi Options

Multi Options is one of the most customizable templates I have ever created. As the name implies, it offers multiple options for its design. Using body classes, you can choose between 4 different layout widths (600, 760, 980 or 1200 pixels), 7 different fonts (Tahoma, Georgia, Times New Roman, Helvetica, Verdana, Arial or Courier) and…

Learn CSS

A two-column template with multiple navigation options (horizontal and/or vertical menu) and light-on-dark colors. Originally created for the Building your first website using a free website template tutorial series where was intended to be used as the learning example in the tutorial. Eventually, another template was used as an example in the tutorial, and Learn…

Daleri Structure

This design was made for site owners with a lot of content to handle. The multiple menu options that are included in this template should make it possible to have menus with several levels – all in order to create a working structure out of lots of links.

Daleri Mega

Another template made for site owners with a lot of content or with a desire to have multiple layout options. With fluid width, multiple menu setups and the possibility to have up to 5 columns in the layout, Daleri Mega is one of my more feature-rich templates. Simplicity was not a priority for this design,…


Based on a previous site design, andreas08 is image-free and extremely lightweight. The layout has 2 or 3 columns, and the width is fixed to fit within 800px screen width.