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Variant Whitespace – reversed layout added

As promised in the post from yesterday, I have updated the Variant Whitespace template today and added a secondary layout with the sidebar on the left side. The original layout with the right sidebar is still included as the default style (index.html), while the new layout is added in a new .HTML file called index-reversed.html….

New template: Variant Whitespace

A new template has been released, this time a simple 2-column layout called Variant Whitespace. Read more about it on the template page, or download Variant Whitespace here

Variant Mobile (light edition) added

An alternate version of the Variant Mobile template has been added, with a lighter colorscheme and a dual-column layout. This was requested by a template user looking for absolute minimalism and a template that would load lightning fast. The unzipped template is only 5 Kb. Download

Variant Creative updated with new 2-column layout

A few days ago, the Variant Creative template was released. Today I have updated the template and added a second layout option with two columns, to show how the template can be customized in an easy way. This is what the new layout looks like: What has been added? Basically, all I have added is…

New template: Variant Creative

Here is the first new template of 2011: Variant Creative. It is a classic 3-column layout with a vertical button menu. The total layout width is 980px wide, and it uses a header image of a kind that I have not used in any template before. In order to make the header image easier to…