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Basic Show template with three columns

New version of the Basic Show template published, with a third column, refreshed navigation tabs, modified footer and a new colorscheme. The sidebar will be useful if you want to use the template on a site with more pages than the tab menu has space for.

New template: Variant Mobile

A new template has been released: Variant Mobile. It was inspired by the positive feedback I have got for the previous single-column templates, along with a request I got for a darker template that would work well on small-screen devices. Beside the regular XHTML 1.0 Strict version, I also created a HTML5 version (available as…

Two new templates: Basic Modular and Basic Show

I have just uploaded two new templates to the collection: Basic Modular and Basic Show. Both simple, visually clean and very… Basic… But Basic Modular has a twist: It is the result of an old CSS experiment I made years ago when I tried to make a “million layouts in one CSS file”-kind of template….

Basic Reader template: Alternate and mobile editions added

The new Basic Reader template got good feedback, and generated a number of requests. One such request was to add support for dual content columns (like in Variant Duo) and another was to make a mobile-friendly single column version (like I did with Variant Pure). Said and done, two alternate versions have been released. Download…

New template: Basic Reader

I have been doing a lot of minimalistic designs lately, and to my surprise it appears as if the more basic template are among the most popular. While there are a lot of free templates to find on the web, there are not that many well-coded designs in the “simple but useful” category. I like…